Alarm Lock Systems, LLC is a respected leader in the design and manufacture of commercial door technology solutions for over four decades, specializing in access and egress solutions for education, healthcare, government, airports, corporations and mixed-use environments Its popular Trilogy® line enables professionals securing buildings of all kinds to more cost-effectively and quickly add dependable coded or ID-carded wireless access control a door at a time, with a dependable field-proven access solution and a consistent model for every door type in a facility (cylindrical, mortise, narrow stile/glass, privacy or double-sided).


Number One in their class for many years running, Trilogy® electronic access control locks, include original standalone digital and Prox models, with built-in HID® or iClass Prox reader, new classroom lock-down keyfob-controlled locks, as well as wireless networking Trilogy Networx access locks, featuring global lockdown in seconds, from a lock, server or keyfob and the elimination of door-to-door programming and audit trail event queries by communicating wirelessly via ethernet or 802.11, and new Networx Gen.2 Gateways & Expanders for greater range. Alarm Lock's iLock® Smartphone App puts key-free, badge-free convenience on any smartphone/device using secure BlueTooth LE communications with any Apple® or Android smart phone or tablet, too.. Blending with even the most demanding decor, ArchiTech Networx Series are customizable with hundreds of trims, finishes, and reader designs for the ideal architecturally-elegant access solution. All Trilogys feature the same rugged dependability, tool-free keypad programming and unsurpassed long battery life, with cylindrical models boasting Grade 1 BHMA certification. Alarm Lock Networx Prox ID and PIN Code Keypads and NetPanel 2-Door Access Controller provide a wireless keypad solution for use with magnetic locks, strikes and electrified exit devices. All programmable Alarm Lock models share the same database, programming, scheduling and functionality and use Alarm Lock's Free Windows-based software. Many models can also be integrated within an enterprise security system platform, in real-time, as a single-door controller on Continental Access® CA4K, and integrated as a Software House® Connected Partner & Lenel® Open Access Integration Partner.


Alarm Lock, a lead division of the Napco Security Technologies, manufactures its access and egress products in New York and the Caribbean. They are tested at both these state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the compromise-free quality, integrity and reliability.

Each NAPCO Security Technologies product is precision-manufactured to meet or exceed industry specifications. Undertaking compliance with rigorous ISO9002, comprehensive product testing and quality assurance programs include a rigorous multi-stage sequence: From computerized GenRad in-circuit testing, to proprietary custom "pretest", which checks for 100% correct PCB operation, followed by "full-functional test" of the assembled product, and lastly, "burn-in", wherein product is torture-tested under load, in simulated extreme conditions.

The NAPCO Security Group's manufacturing processes have been consciously designed to be ecologically sensitive. A member of the U.S. Green Building Council, the Company's manufacturing processes have been consciously designed, striving always to be both LEEDS-requirement compliant and as ecologically sensitive as possible. NAPCO uses less lead, plastics, solvents, copper, acid, fluorocarbons, tine and other raw materials to conserve natural resouces.

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